Ck2 saint event

Type the name of an event, or an event ID, into the search box below to instantly search our database of event IDs. Privacy Contact. Table View Card View. What to do with it? Happy ending. Brothel People think I am homosexual! A Churchman denounces you People think I am homosexual! Self-doubts People think I am homosexual! Fire SoA. Loss of authority. Tengri SoA. Aztec SoA. Guru is found RoI. Guru bounce event RoI. Notify player that guru has been found RoI. Drunkard RoI. Hedonist RoI. Impaler RoI.

Lustful RoI. Gluttonous RoI. Greedy RoI. Envious RoI. Wroth RoI. Proud RoI. Arbitrary RoI. Cynical RoI. Cruel RoI. Duelist RoI. Hunter RoI. Paranoid RoI. False guru? Guru is obviously false - confront him? Confront false guru, decide what to do RoI. Guru criticizes RoI. Meditation helps RoI. Invite vassals to hunt RoI.

Vassal receives invitation to hunt RoI.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Last edited by sala ; 27 Apr, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 22 comments. Historically, there had been some disagreements between the Patriach of the West the "Pope in Rome" and the other four Patriarchs Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, and Constantinople. Catholic comes from the Greek word for "universal", while Orthodox has a general meaning of "correct.

A "Catholic Pope" would be challenging the religious authority of the Orthodox "Patriarch of the West. That's not what he was asking. Anyways, the game is fine with the split in place.

Crusader Kings 2 - Shattered World Mod! - CK2 Gameplay [AI Only] Part 1

Which is just dumb. Jormundgand View Profile View Posts. There is no defining point where the catholic and orthodox started to drift apart; the great schism is just the point where the tension is released and the church is split in two -- you could easily argue that the orthodox church existed as far back as in an unofficial manner. The split would seem artificial if it was triggerd through an event on a single day some time aroundor any other day in fact.

Havin the orthodox church establish in is prolly closer to real life events than not having it around at all. Stormwoken View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Vlad :. Originally posted by andy :. Last edited by Evil Crusader ; 28 Apr, am.

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My answer was trying to be from more of a historical perspective than to get into the intricacies of the Christian religion. I'm Roman Catholic. It's not necessarily a religion. Some do not, and there are a few churches here in Texas that are "pre-Vatican II. Peter is vacant.

ck2 saint event

In other words, there is not a Bishop of Rome a "Pope" right now. Some Christian churches accept some Church Councils, others do not. Iconoclasts represent Orthodox Christians that believe there should be no images of religious persons Christ, the Virgin, and the Saints. Unless you're playing CK2 further south of Alexandria, in Anatolia Asia Minor, present-day Turkeythe Caucasus, or the general area below the Caucasus, you're unlikely to encounter "Monophysites", "Miaphysites", and "Nestorians.

My wife who studies religion no specific, but the concept -- sort of like studying science, not physics claims that the schism actually happens with the bishop in rome effectively becomes the pope she's not sure if he's called the pope at that time or not which happens sometime around the 6th century there's a Pope Gregor in through -- so it would prolly be some time before If you want a year for the establishment of the orthodox church, the year that the bishop of rome becomes the pope should be it.

Gregor I is the first to formally use the title of Pope and everybody before have been renamed pope. The church in the east never acknowledged any of the roman popes, which, to me, means that the church has been split in two. Last edited by Jormundgand ; 29 Apr, am.

That would be ahistroical since both churches still thought they where one church. Declaring holy war to conquer land would be the same as formally acknowleding that the two churches had split -- i.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Yes, how to become a Christian saint in this game? Amass piety.

ck2 saint event

No red traits. Happens some years after death. Edit: Might need Zealous as well. Might not need as much as piety. Kills don't matter. Last edited by StarGun ; 20 Nov, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. From what i know its like making a bloodline but the differences are that you need almost max relations with the pope and the character your playing as needs 2k piety and then dies.

We dont know the percentage of you being a known saint by dying but i would assume the more piety you have the higher chance of being known as one when you pass away. Last edited by StarGun ; 16 Nov, pm. Originally posted by galadon3 :. Aldodrem View Profile View Posts.

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However when I clicked on my relgious tab where it shows all the holysites and stuff and clicked on the saints button it opened an empty list. Is Beatifaction and Saint differnet things, if so how do you adavance from one to the other? My guy had 6 of the 7 green virtues and was the leader of the relgious society with 5k piety he mass converted 2 other kingdoms and even recieved a spcieal nickname for doing so.

Originally posted by Aldodrem :. Tim View Profile View Posts.Embrace the cold-weather winter wonderland and hit the town for these seasonal events.

Get a jump start on holiday shopping at MN Christmas Market, an annual pop-up market at Union Depot showcasing homegrown brands and makers. Good friends, good samplings, good shopping, good times. Join a guided tour to learn about Christmas traditions for the Hill family and their servants. Guides bring visitors through the home while sharing family stories and memories, including Mrs.

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Hill's lavish seven-course holiday meal inhow the servants kept their own holiday traditions, and family stories and memories that still resonate today. Browse everything from handmade jewelry to custom knitwear, artwork and pottery. In addition to all of the usual market favorites, the holiday market will include 20 local pop-ups, weekend photos with Santa, a tree farm and ice rink. Traditionally, a Hmong New Year is celebrated in November or December as a holiday of thanks at the end of a harvest season.

The ticket price includes a three-course luncheon or dinner, the performance, coat check and a social hour. Destination Winter Saint Paul is bringing a one-of-a-kind experience to Lowertown this winter. Join Union Depot for their annual tree lighting and movie nighthosted by Colleen and Bradley from myTalk Dec 6.

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See this holiday favorite like never before amidst the lavish setting of the James J. Hill House. Union Depot has become a holiday hub in recent years thanks to its tree lightings, movie nights, bake sales and decorated train exhibits. Bring the family to enjoy the experience of a real steam train, featuring Santa and his elves.

Grand Avenue will be all decked out for the season at Grand Meanderan all-day event featuring a visit from Santa, Victorian carolers, holiday performances and more festive fun up and down the avenue.

Crusader Kings 2 Event IDs

Hear composer Steven C. Saturdays, Nov. Gear up for ice fishing season with over exhibits showcasing winter sports products and services at RiverCentre' s Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show. Take in the ice sculptures, multiple parades or frolic in the snow at Vulcan Snow Park. Union Depot is going to the dogs. Join the hardiest of Midwesterners at the 11th Annual Winter Beer Dabbleran outdoor beer festival featuring over beers from different breweries.

Make Saint Paul your event headquarters for all of the holidays this winter.The Commons is greener than usual! Unfortunately, the guests of honor seem to have gotten lost in the bushes. Go whack them up and help them find their way to the Event Area! There are eight Leprechauns to whack up that will help you put on a rocking St. Every day the event goes on, the odds to whack them up gets larger, so you can get them all before it ends.

Crusader Kings 2 Event IDs

Three of them will have turn-in stations for you to do and the others will have repeatable quests for you to do for event progress. Alec Guiness is whipping up another strange Patty's craft brew to show up Mr.

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Keith's own beer. Help gather his unusual ingredients. Seamus is in the mood to do some whacking of his own, but first he needs your help to make the perfect shillelagh. Siobhan is throwing her version of an Irish Feast Go find them for her!

Those poor snakes are tired of being whacked so often. Help their leader out by setting up his snake relocation program efforts. If you can complete the event, you'll earn the St. Patrick's Pet Piece!

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Collect all holiday pet pieces to craft a unique pet! How to subscribe. Official Codename Blog. Note: If you are at max level, XP quest rewards are replaced by gold. FYI: The stations will give you more holiday progress per turn in if you invite your friends to help out.

Winter Events: Celebrate the Season in Saint Paul

Each turn in gives you 10 to start, with invite bar at base That number doubles to 20 with 50 friends invited, getting the invite bar to max When you have only the first station unlocked the Leprechauns will drop gold every time. Because each of these chances are independent of each other, it's possible to have a leprechaun drop nothing, but it's also possible to have a leprechaun drop multiple items.

In the end it will average out to 1 drop per leprechaun. Keith wants to brew the perfect beer, but needs just a few more items in order to get started. It will take some time, but with your help, he will produce "A Perfect Brew! If you missed prior Events, you have the option to purchase all the previous years custom items and pets for. Most items cost 10Swords cost 25Mini Golf Pieces cost 25 each, and the pets cost These Bonus Items become available after all other items are bought except the mini golf piece.

Send a Gift to a friend!Type the name of an event, or an event ID, into the search box below to instantly search our database of event IDs. Privacy Contact. Table View Card View. Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic.

Become Grandmaster of any devil-worshiper society Birthright. Have a priest you corrupted as a Satanist become Pope Got Land. Start as the holder of gotland and form Scandinavia Unwelcome Visitors.

As an assassin, assassinate a Crusader King in the Holy land. GetBestName] starts claim adventure for [This. GetName]" TOG. Seize Church Properties If a building is specified, then that one is exempt We have been judged in the eyes of God On-Action: Mercs go on a rampage On-Action: Mercs leave in disgust On-Action: Mercs switch side FROM you On-Action: Mercs switch side TO you On-Action: Holy Order leaves your service Offer to buy a title from indebted liege Liege receives offer to sell land Liege receives offer to sell land for favor Irresistable young wench Unwed daughter Spymaster advice you Spymaster is trusted to deal with liege's daughter's bastard child Spymaster let child and daughter live Spymaster let daugther and bastard child live Get rid of a bastard?

What now? Husband's investigation fails. Hidden utility event. FROM is employers "employee". She keeps reading any sort of romantic poetry she can get hold of.

What about keeping your courtiers busy by changing the fashion at court? GetTitledName] declares independence from [This. Viking Raider Doge-Elect Empressive Black Widow The Black Bishop Turbulent Priest Full House Keeping it in the Family The Marriage Game The British Raj Beyond the Indus Great Indian Sultanate Saint Thomas' Dream What Schism?

Red Sea Resort Looking East and West Type the name of an event, or an event ID, into the search box below to instantly search our database of event IDs. Privacy Contact. Table View Card View. Shouldn't you stop? Do you like it? Decide how to contribute to the festival. Host will handle the first row to decide the two final contenders and the winner. Mocked by winner. Spawn troops and move character.

What to do? How to use? Chance for either levy reinforcement bonus in capital, prestige, cheap troops, or raider ships. Is taken in and rescued by wolves. Check if ruler's son and new heir, send delayed event. Parent-liege receives event and decides what to do.

Very Positive.

ck2 saint event

Very Negative. First event, pick attribute. Thanks to synergy and good work, target has improved his education. Too much pressure resulted in burnout. Ruler: Target become as uncouth as you. Target: Random courtier approves of uncouthness.

Ruler: Target become as fat as you. Target: Random courtier approves of weight. Ruler: Target become as thin as you. Ruler: Target experienced burnout. Family Bloodline gained from improving close relatives.

Benevolent Bloodline gained. Safety flag cleanup event. First select investment for ceremony. Then select the kind of bonus. On-action event: Divine Marriage due to Doctrine.

A character is eligible for Beatification HF. Decision if to be Beatified HF. Beatification is made official HF.

ck2 saint event

Opinion modifiers HF. Giant yearly event firing all the events related to appeasement.

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